3 Tips to Makeover Your Boring Bookcase

We all know bookcases aren’t just for books anymore. Unfortunately some people didn’t get that memo, which is why I created these 3 tips to makeover your boring bookcase.

1. Round up some cool stuff
This can be smaller works of art, statues, candles, framed pictures, vases, kids art, collections or items from your travels. Hopefully you have some weird stuff too, throw that in. All the little knick-knacky items that don’t fit elsewhere, now they’ve found a home.

Don’t forget to add your Emmys to your bookcase

2. Get yourself some paint or self adhesive wallpaper
Guess what, it’s time to have fun!
Choose a paint color that is bolder than you would typically use anywhere else in your house and paint it only on the back of the bookcase. You’ll only see a bit of this color peeking through your books and cool stuff, so this is the time to take a leap into the land of brazen design. Adding color or pattern to the back of your bookcase makes it muti-dimensional and so not-boring.

Double 0 Seven looks good in a bookcase

3. Think horizontally
Typical boring bookcases are all about placing the books in order, in a vertical fashion.
Screw that, we are creating art here! Place some of your books in a vertical line and others horizontally. Place some of your cool stuff on the books that are lying down, and around the books that are horizontal. This is the fun part, so play with the arrangement until you land on a look that you like. 

Create interest in your bookcase by going horizontal

So, there you have it, my 3 tips to makeover your boring bookcase.
Bonus note: Read more about my thoughts on cool books here. Make sure you have some interesting books in your bookcase because now people will be looking to see what you’ve got going on in there.