Get Organized with the 3 T’s

It’s January, the official month to freak out about all the stuff in your life. To finally get organized for realz this time, may I present my 3 T’s.
When you go through your items: clothing, closets, etc, the 3 T’s will help you sort out what to keep and what to finally release. 
Make some room for these 3 piles:

1. Treasures. These are the items you love. These items make you happy, they fit properly (be it clothing or on an emotional level….more deep thoughts), and you’ve had good times with them. Take these items and place them front-and-center in your life. They do not belong in a ball in the back of a closet or in a junk drawer. You love them, remember? So place them where you can see them and enjoy them. Easy pleasy.

Like in this photo, organize the items in your closet light to dark, by style. Put your favorites front-and-center. And go buy the felt hangers like a normal adult. No more wire hangers!

2. Treats. These are the items you are rather meh about. Maybe they don’t fit anymore. Maybe you don’t have great memories about these items, but you do feel guilt because, hey, it’s a nice item and in good condition, why would I get rid of it? Well you can, and you will. Treat your friends, neighbors, family or favorite charity to these items instead. It feels so great to be benevolent and give away lovely things that no longer serve you! So make a pile for these items and give them allllll away, within one week, tops. You’ll create space for more treasures to come your way when you get rid of all the average items in your life.

Organization not only saves your brain cells but is pleasing to the eye. 

3. Trash. These are items that are not in good condition, and nooooobody wants them. Sometimes there are fond memories here, which is why you still have trashy stuff laying around.  Take a photo, take a selfie with it and then (this is the important part) put it in a trash bag and take it outside to the garbage. Right. Away. 
I have found that people hang on to many more items than necessary because of “one-day-syndrome”. Have you heard of this syndrome? It goes like this: I will hang on to this item because one day in the future, 27 1/2 years from now, I may need it. Perhaps. For like, 2 minutes.
I love the saying, when the student is ready, the master will appear. This is faith, People! Faith that you can donate or throw something away, and if, on the mere chance in the future you may need it, voila! Everything you need will come to you at the appropriate time. So you don’t have to hang on to all the extra stuff right now. Whew!

It can be hard to decide what goes at first, but once you start this ball rolling it gets so much easier. If you need help grab a bottle of wine and invite a friend to help, once your stuff is sorted you can help her, or him, next. Just remember, Treasures, Treats and Trash to get organized and feeling good about 2019!