5 Interior Design Trends that are Over and Out

I wanted to call this: How to Spot when a Design Trend is Dying, and How to Avoid it in the First Place. But that was too long for the SEO powers-that-be. 

So you’re re-modeling your home, investing in re-design, or preparing a home to flip. What are the trends that you should avoid and how can you keep from making these design disasters in the first place?

Here’s the simple answer on how to spot a dead trend:

It’s everywhere. Really, that’s it. When something has been delivered en masse to the masses, that’s when you know it’s on the downward spiral and to get out while the gettin’ is good.

So how do you spot these type of trends in the first place? They’re usually the kind of trends that take off with such fervor at the beginning and then they supernova into every single retailer and Pinterest pin. When everyone is loving it that’s when I’m done. I like to ask myself, “How realistic is this trend, does it have staying power long term?” Whenever there is too much hype around a certain design trend the answer is usually “no”.

Here are 5 design trends that are over and done, as well as their classic counterparts:

1. Gray throughout
I ranted about this here. Don’t get me wrong, gray will always be a classic. But gray floors (yeah, those look natural), gray cabinets, gray counters? Over.
Classic: Gray in moderation.

Gray in moderation is classic.

2. Chevron Prints
I love Missoni as much as the next Missoni-lovin’ girl. But I need more zig right now, less zag. Over.
Classic: Leopard Prints. Floral Prints. Paisley Prints. Stripes.

3. Plain white Subway tiles
Oh dear Lawd. If I see plain white subway tiles one more time accompanied by a post about shiplap (ensue screaming a la Edvard Munch). Over and out.
Classic: Colored subway tiles. Marble tiles. Even white subway tiles placed in a herringbone pattern or other creative pattern. 

There are tons of gorgeous tiles available now. Please pick something other than subway.

4. Brown Granite Counters
It surprises me to no end how some homes, for sale, still brag about their brownish-orange granite counters. Like it’s 1998 and we’re all headed home to watch “Friends”. Over.
Classic: Marble or Quartz counters. 

5. Moroccan Faux
You know the ones. The real Moroccan will always be the coolest, but this trend has filtered down with its faux ikats, tufts and silver spangles onto everything that doesn’t move. Over.
Classic: Ethnic items made in the actual country, or vintage. Not made in China.

Real Moroccan is forever in design.

So what can we learn from this?
This list of dead trends is one of the reasons I don’t believe in following trends, either in design or in fashion.
If you create your own bespoke style it will always be relevant, until you make the call to move on to something different, instead of being shamed into ditching what is dated by the Trends police.
And that, dear friends, is how to avoid being caught up in the tragedy of dated design!

Need help sorting out what is relevant and should be re-purposed from what is dead? Check out our page here on how we can help you.