What is Aspirational Staging? What Every Seller Needs to Know

Here’s what every homeowner needs to know. Buyers aren’t buying your home. They’re buying what they think your home represents. The person they want to be, the life they want to live, what they aspire to.

When you prepare your home for market this must be top of mind. You must create emotional experiences throughout the home for your ideal buyers to connect with.

This is Aspirational Staging™.

Here’s what every seller needs to know to prepare their home for market. 

1. Real Estate

First, aren’t you lucky that we have a background in Los Angeles real estate? And not any old background, but five years and being on a top team where we saw and experienced the best of the best and the absolute worst. Most stagers just know staging, but we know real estate.

Which brings me to my first point. You have to determine who your ideal buyers are for a particular neighborhood. Are you in the burbs where everyone is pushing strollers? Are you in a tech community with a bunch of Millennials? Determine your ideal buyer, and then you design with them in mind.

You don’t want to be slinging a bunch of Hermes blankets around in a neighborhood next to Walmart. Because it’s not necessary and people won’t relate.

You must create a home that relates to your ideal buyer.

2. Universal Truths

Some things are universal. Nobody wants to see a dirty house, and nobody wants to see your clutter or personal items. The only people that get very, very excited to see dirty, cluttered houses are developers, because they know that nobody else is going to make you an offer.

When preparing your home for market don’t forget your outdoor spaces.

3. Symmetry and Balance

Symmetry is one of the laws of design and nature, it is pleasing to the eye. Whenever possible, we use symmetry in our design to create order and peace.

We use balance in a space to make sure the room isn’t lopsided. We want to achieve an equilibrium in a space that is also calming and pleasing. Symmetry is balanced but balance isn’t necessarily symmetrical. Get it?

Why do we do this? We want your home to have a good flow and good vibes. We want buyers to walk in and say “it feels good in here”

4. Focal Points

Each room has a focal point, or we create one. If you have multiple focal points going on (fireplace, a view, etc) then we pick one and make it shine the brightest. You don’t want a bunch of focal points running around everywhere because then there’s no place for your eye to land and it appears overwhelming.

Big art and accessories show better in photographs and create more impact and interest with buyers.

5. Connection Points

This is the heart of Aspirational Staging™.  We find little moments, places throughout the home to emotionally connect with your ideal buyer.

This can be in the artwork, accessories, how we stage a particular room (is it a home office or a bedroom?), and how we prepare the outdoor spaces.

Ultimately it’s how we tell the story of your home, and we are writing this story with your ideal buyer in mind.

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