5 Lighting Commandments To Sell Your Home

Dark houses don’t sell, nor do they rent. At least for not nearly as much as possible.
If you’re looking to sell your house I’ve got some news. Lighting needs to be tops on your list.
No one ever walked into a dark house and said “This is so welcoming, we’ll take it.”
Overall, dark rooms read old, dusty, gross, and full of lord-knows-what.
So unless you are selling a teardown or a historic Victorian manor, listen up.

Here are my 5 Lighting Commandments when selling your home: 

1. Thou shalt remove all heavy curtains and disgusting plastic blinds.
Let there be light. And natural light is best. Beautiful interiors often feature window treatments that are extra luxe and gorgeous.
But here we’re designing to sell your home, so anything that keeps that natural light out needs to go. Pronto.

Buyers are drawn to homes with lots of natural lighting.

2. Thou shalt make sure all your light bulbs and light fixtures are in working order (and have all their bulbs).
In darker rooms, max out your bulbs as much as possible, and change to a higher Kelvin bulb if needed. 3000 Kelvin is about average for household lighting, but you can go 4500-5000  Kelvin if you need a cooler light, to keep your rooms from looking too yellow.

3. Thou shalt remove your dated chandeliers and add modern fixtures.
There’s vintage in a fabulous way and vintage in an icky, dated way. Huge diff. Chandeliers run the gamut in terms of price, but there are some (surprisingly) inexpensive options that look really luxe, and will add not only better light to your home, but style too.

Gorgeous display of Tom Dixon pendants

4. Thou shalt add extra lighting in the form of lamps and uplights to rooms that are dark and dreary.
This doesn’t have to cost a fortune but makes a world of difference, even during the day. Layers of light is what you are going for: natural, ambient, task, decorative, uplighting.

5. Thou shalt make certain that your professional photos are taken with great lighting.
Even if you have showings on a cloudy day or in the evening, the buyers still have photos to reference that show your house in the best light.

Layer your lighting: natural, ambient, task, and uplighting where needed.

What else can you do in a dark house to prepare it for sale? Add light colored paint throughout,  and remove all dark, large and foreboding furniture.
Why the obsession with lighting, you ask? Great lighting is everything, ask any woman over 40 or photographer ever, in all of time. Proper lighting will make your house appear more modern, newer, brighter, more open, cleaner, and most importantly, more appealing to buyers.

Remember if you need help with preparing your house for sale, we’re a click away, right here.