This Just In: Gray is Dead

Well, not just in. Gray has been the go-to neutral for years now and at some point we all knew its reign had to end. I’ve had a sinking feeling for some time that gray will be the avacado shag carpet of our parent’s generation, especially when I’d see another mega-million dollar home done floor to ceiling in, you guessed it, all gray. So is gray really dead or is it just having a bit of a lie down?

And what does this mean?? We’ve all become so reliant on gray, what now? This is where we all get to be a little more creative with our color choices, and explore some new options. Let’s do that now, shall we?

Captivating Clay: Sherwin Williams just declared Cavern Clay their color of the year and I swoon. It’s a muted clay-red that acts as a rich neutral with slate blue, browns, cream or white. SW was inspired by the southwest canyons and red rocks for this color, but you don’t have to take it with cowboy boots and antlers. This shade can easily go city chic when paired with gold accents and deep charcoal.

Image provided by Sherwin Williams, Cavern Clay, Color of the Year.

Calming Greens: To my point the leader in luxury paint, Farrow and Ball, just introduced 9 new colors and nary a one is gray. There are two greens in their new lineup, a rich olive and a green with gray undertones. Throughout all design we’re seeing a bevy of botanical greens, teals and Kelly green. 

Image provided by Farrow and Ball,  Bancha.
Image provided by Farrow and Ball, Treron.

Misty Colors: These hues are the new neutral. It can be scary to pick a full-on color that can really overtake your whole room. This is about deciding on color, albeit a barely-there one. Pastels isn’t the right term, that’s so “baby’s room”. Instead these are grown up shades that pair well with minimalist design. Go for just a hint of lilac, blue or a mauvy-pink undertones to create a warm, inviting space. 

Nature’s misty palette inspiration. Photo by Jonathan Bean at Unsplash.

Wallpaper: Paint colors aside, nothing brings a room to life quite like wallpaper, even in small doses and bursts (the interior of bookshelves, inside an alcove, et al). Wallpaper used to be fussy and conjured up memories of moth balls and laminate floors, but now it is so au courant. One of my favorite places to shop is Walls Need Love, There are tons of bright, fun patterns and decals, and best of all it is self adhesive, which won’t ruin your walls because it’s easily removeable. How on trend is that?

Affordable Banksy, $75. Picture provide by Walls Need Love.

Don’t fear if you’ve just painted your interiors gray, it will always be a classic neutral. It’s really the gray throughout (walls, floors, cabinets) in gray that is finito. And we’re better for it! When you look at gray, what does it make you feel? Rather meh, right?
Color in our home needs to elicit emotion: excitement, calm, peace, joy. A home in all gray takes this expression away and leaves a boring, lackluster result.

If you’re still in love with the idea of gray as your neutral, take heart because Benjamin Moore just declared Metropolitan af-690 it’s new color of the year. What I like about this shade is that it’s a warm creamy gray, with hints of green and beige,  and it works well in a variety of spaces when a neutral color is required.

If you need help deciding on the perfect paint palette for your home, check out our Custom Paint Palette on our Design to Sell page.

Picture by Benjamin Moore of Metropolitan af-690.