We’ve been where you are. It’s time consuming and frustrating to try to convince clients to get their homes ready to sell. Especially when it’s a great home and you can see the potential, but you can also see all the road blocks you’ll encounter if the home isn’t properly prepared.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to get your client’s home ready to sell quickly and efficiently, and make you look good in the process. 

Our artistry is creating a great first impression for buyers, one that will have them seeing your seller’s house as their home.

How can we help you?

Sure, you can recommend simple steps to your clients, like painting and cleaning up their clutter.

We go much further, creating a cohesive plan that goes into great detail.
We specialize in Occupied Staging, where the client is still living in the home. We use their existing items, and a few new purchases, to create a final design that makes a lasting impression with buyers. 

Your client will have access to our private, online design platform. All communication, floorplans, room concept boards and information are shared here, keeping their project organized and on track with progress and timelines.

Once we’re on board you can know that we are working to get your seller’s home prepared and get them excited to sell. We can address issues that may be harder for you to deliver without creating a rift in your relationship.

Moreover, we will follow up with your clients and be a point of contact for third-party vendors.

Who are we perfect for?

*Sellers that have lived in their home for a while and are immune to the clutter and personal items that have accumulated, or have a dated design.

*Sellers that are reticent to pay for the costs of staging, but their home needs work to prepare it for market. In this case we do our best to work with some of the client’s existing furnishings, when possible.

*Homes that will be staged but are dated and need a lot of preparation first. We’ll recommend where to paint, what finishes and colors, new hardware, flooring, lighting and more. We’ll work with your client’s budget to prioritize what’s most important.

*Homes that have sat on the market for a while. Something isn’t working, there’s a disconnect for buyers. In this case we’ll come in, problem solve and do a design refresh to help buyers get excited about this home.

*Sellers that don’t need to spend a lot of money but they do need a fresh coat of paint. Our custom paint palette services start at only $50.

*Airbnb Owners that are looking to take their property design next-level to bring in more money.

*Flippers or Developers that are looking for a complete design plan or design consultations.

*We have an extensive network of artists that we work with, so if you are in need of a truly special, custom design concept and artist collaboration for your luxury clients, contact us to discuss.

How do we differ from other stagers?

Our background is in real estate and interior design, so we can speak to both worlds extremely well.

We understand the challenges of being a Realtor and listing a home for sale. We also understand how emotional selling their home can be for homeowners.

We’ve developed a unique process, Asprirational Staging™, where we consider the emotional component of the home for buyers as well. We deliver a finished product to the ideal buyer that speaks to the home and lifestyle they want, which in turn creates an easier and faster selling process for you and the homeowner.

Our services are available throughout the US and Canada, with our entry-level consultation starting at just $150.

Feel free to call us anytime at 310.903.2321 or email

How do we differ from Interior Design?

With interior design the main focus is on capturing the tastes, style and personality of the home owner.

At WDYS, our goal is to create interiors with the perfect buyer in mind, to deliver the best first impression so that your client’s home sells at a higher price and with fewer days on market.