Flipping Formula

“Jill Laine at We Design You Sell has been absolutely integral in the process of helping us flip our house. The house we bought to flip needed a complete overhaul, it was a total renovation, so every aspect of the design needed to be considered and Jill knew exactly what to do.

She had so much knowledge about what people are looking for when they are buying a house. Her taste and her judgment are impeccable. She was also very smart about allowing for our budget and understanding where to spend money and where we could afford to let it be more thrifty.

Importantly, she was also very patient with us, as my husband and I have totally different tastes! We were really not agreeing on what we liked and what we think would be most buyer-friendly, and Jill was able to help us combine our style and streamline the aesthetic into what would actually look most appealing and be best for the sale of the house.

All in all, I truly cannot imagine that we would have gotten the outcome we did without the assistance and knowledge of Jill at We Design You Sell.

I would recommend these services to anyonelooking to sell an appealing buyer-friendly house with more ease and less stress.”

B.D., Los Angeles, June 2019.
This flip received multiple offers and sold in less than one week. 
For more pictures and detailed info on this flip, check out my blog post here.

The kitchen BEFORE!
The kitchen AFTER!

After years working with developers in the high-stakes world of Los Angeles real estate, we can tell you that there is a definitive formula that the successful developers use to design their homes and get them sold quickly, for top dollar.

In flipping there is usually a small monetary margin, so design mistakes can cost you, big time.

With this package, we’ll give you the exact formula that successful developers use to sell their homes successfully.

For $1995, here’s what you’ll receive with this package:

*The exact finishes you’ll need to execute a beautiful design in your flip. This includes but is not limited to: flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, tile, and fixtures. We’ll give you a plan on where to put each item, exactly.

*You’ll receive a list of each item to order, the item numbers, where to order, and how much quantity to order.

*Our design team will be on-hand with any questions you have during the process. Up to 3 hours of additional design consult time is included in this package throughout the length of your project.

*With our background in real estate, we’ll consider comps, buyer preferences and home design trends in your area.

*We’ll consult with you on the best options and design plan for staging. With this package, receive a 25% discount when also purchasing our Virtual Staging package. 

Interested in knowing more? Here’s how to proceed:

*Schedule a 15 minute, complimentary Discovery Call with us to discuss your project and budget. Reach us at WeDesignYouSell@gmail.com.

*Pay for this package. We accept payments via Paypal, Stripe, Venmo and bank transfers, whichever is easiest for you.

*Get excited because you’ll receive your initial custom design proposal within 7 days.