Want to win more listings? What Realtor doesn’t?

We can help you do that, with our Design-to-Sell consultation. While some Realtors ask their homeowners to pay for this service, many other Realtors use this tool as a value-add to gain more loyalty from their sellers.

Design-to-Sell is priced at only $125, and includes a virtual walk-through of the property via Facetime or through videos and pictures. 
We go through every inch of the property to determine:

Items that should stay
Items that need to go
What needs to be painted (with exact colors and finishes)
Correct placement of the furniture for flow in the home
What needs to be organized or de-cluttered
What needs to be brought in to freshen the home
Curb appeal and the outdoor living space refresh

You’ll receive our detailed notes which you can pass along to your client.
Many sellers feel overwhelmed, they don’t know where to start getting their home ready for sale after living there for years. Our simple task list makes preparing a home for market an achievable, step-by-step process.

Want to know more? Check out the detailed notes on the package here, or call us at 310.903.2321 to for a 15-minute, complimentary Discovery Call to discuss.