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Want to get Top Dollar for your home or AirBnb?

Whether you’re preparing your house for sale, investing in an AirBnb/VRBO property, or working on a flip, you want to make the most money possible for the least amount of aggravation. 

That’s where we come in. Our background is in high-end Los Angeles real estate, where we’ve worked extensively with developers and sellers, taking note of what sells a home and what doesn’t. We’re also interior designers, and we understand what it takes to appeal to the current AirBnb/VRBO market.

In the end it comes down to details and great design. An experience for the buyer. And first impressions. 

There’s a formula for preparing a home for sale. A formula for designing a home to flip. And a formula for preparing a home to crush the competition in the AirBnb/VRBO market.

That’s why we’re here, to see you through this process by giving you the design elements, treatments, and tools that you’ll need to achieve your goals. 

No matter what your need, call us at 310.903.2321 to discuss your project and how we can help you. 

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Our Story

Our background is in high-end luxury Los Angeles real estate. We’ve walked into many 8-figure homes with spectacular views but the dated furniture, bad hotel art and knick-knacks killed the vibe. These properties sit on the market. And sit. And sit.

No matter where your home is located there are certain design elements that appeal to buyers, while other choices drive them away and keep your home sitting in perpetual purgatory on the MLS.

Real estate is all about smoke and mirrors. Buyers aren’t just buying a home, they’re buying a lifestyle. When they see gym socks on the floor, personal photos and your figurine collection that doesn’t fit with the dream life they envision, so they strike your home from their list. As the adage goes, you get one chance to make a first impression.

If you truly want to sell your home for top dollar we can de-personalize your design and kick up the sexy-cool-modern vibe so that your home will appeal to the widest array of buyers, which ultimately translates to more $$$ in your pocket and your home selling faster.

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  • "I am pinching myself that I found Jill at We Design You Sell amongst the myriad of options out there. 

    She was delightful and easy to work with, and created an in-depth design concept that was perfect to help sell our home.  

     Plus, it was so much more affordable than I thought, and because she used most of what we already owned, 
    we were able to forgo staging. I learned some new interior design tips as well. #overthemoon!"

    Heidi E., Santa Monica, CA

  • "We were getting ready to sell our home and our Realtor brought Jill to consult with us about the interior design. 

    During that hour we learned so much about what we needed to do to get our home ready to sell. Jill gave us the exact paint colors that we needed, and other advice on what to move around and what to get rid of to make our home appeal to buyers. In the end we took most of her advice, and our home sold quickly.

    This was a great experience and I highly recommend Jill and her talents to any homeowner looking to sell."

    Barbara R., Phoenix, AZ

  • "The online design consultation gave me everything I need to get our house ready to sell.

    We received detailed information, much more than I expected but not overwhelming because it's step by step. Jill also gave us insider information on the real estate market, which was helpful in addition to her design know-how.

    I'm highly pleased with this purchase. 
    Would recommend!"

    Gretchen D., Trenton, NJ

  • Jill Laine at WDYS has been absolutely integral in the process of helping us flip our house. The house we bought to flip needed a complete overhaul, it was a total renovation, so every aspect of the design needed to be considered and Jill knew exactly what to do.

    She had so much knowledge about what people are looking for when they are buying a house. Her taste and her judgment are impeccable. She was also very smart about allowing for our budget and understanding where to spend money and where we could afford to let it be more thrifty.

    Importantly, she was also very patient with us, as my husband and I have totally different tastes! We were really not agreeing on what we liked and what we think would be most buyer-friendly, and Jill was able to help us combine our style and streamline the aesthetic into what would actually look most appealing and be best for the sale of the house.

    All in all, I truly cannot imagine that we would have gotten the outcome we did without the assistance and knowledge of Jill at We Design You Sell.

    I would recommend these services to anyone looking to sell an appealing buyer-friendly house with more ease and less stress.

    Bianca D., Los Angeles, CA